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BiB Data and Technical Report 1/2016

Date 11 Feb 2016

The documentation of the first wave of the survey "Transitions and Old Age Potential (TOP)" has been published.

On behalf of the German Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) at Wiesbaden, the Umfragezentrum Bonn (uzbonn) conducted a survey during the first quarter of 2013 concerning the transitions to retirement and the potential of the 55- to 70-years-old on the labour market as well as in the civil society and the family. For this, a representative sample of the German residential population in this age group was drawn according to the Gabler-Häder-Design and was interviewed via telephone using the CATI technique. The interviews were based on a standardized questionnaire that was designed in cooperation with partners from various disciplines (i.e. psychology, gerontology, economics). On average, an interview lasted for about 40 minutes. A total of 5,002 persons were interviewed.

Sackreuther, Ines; Schröber, Jakob; Cihlar, Volker; Mergenthaler, Andreas; Micheel, Frank; Schill, Gabriele (2016): TOP – Transitions and Old Age Potential. Methodenbericht zur Studie. BiB Daten- und Methodenberichte 1/2016. Wiesbaden: Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung.

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