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New Evidence on "Health Among the Elderly in Germany"

Date 19 Nov 2014

Volume 46 of our Series on Population Studies has been released and deals with the subject of "Health Among the Elderly in Germany: New Evidence on Disease, Disability and Care Need". The book gives a comprehensive overview on key developments as well as new insights on health in Germany.

Which reasons make some people live longer and healthier and which do not? The relevance of this question is obvious, especially in an ageing population. Based on new data and innovative research designs the book examines the social and behavioural determinants of health differentiated into proximal and distal factors.

Whether increasing life expectancy leads to better health remains still controversial. The research focuses on vanguard groups and vulnerable groups such as migrants. What can be learnt from vanguard groups with regard to health risks? And what are the reasons for considerable health differences between migrant groups? Current results for those two groups are presented which are highly relevant for both research and policy.

Newly available population-based data as well as new study designs and advanced statistical modelling form the basis for the empirical analyses.

The book has been edited by Prof. Gabriele Doblhammer from the University of Rostock and has been released in English at Barbara Budrich Publishers.

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