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Internationally Mobile

International Mobility of German Citizens

The study "Internationally Mobile" (German original title: International Mobil) contributes to the understanding of international mobility of German citizens by using an innovative methodological approach to get access to potential respondents. Mobility of both, German citizens who have emigrated from Germany (emigrants) as well as German citizens who have returned to Germany from abroad after a certain period of time (returnees) is being measured.

The study focuses on three main aspects: first, on the socio-structural characteristics of internationally mobile Germans, second, on the motivation for individual mobility decisions, and third, on the consequences of international mobility on individual living conditions such as family life, professional career and well-being respectively life satisfaction.In total, the analysis from 2014 includes responses from almost 1,700 individuals, among them almost 800 emigrants and approximately 900 returnees.

The scientific use files can be requested from GESIS (Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften) under the study number ZA6767.

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