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Employment after Retirement Survey

Desires, Conditions, Opportunities

In order to acquire information about the desires of elderly people for prolonged involvement in working life, in 2008 a survey of 1,500 employees living in private households aged 55 to 65 years was conducted called "Weiterbeschäftigung im Rentenalter" (Employment after Retirement). The survey included persons who are or were once gainfully employed. The objective of the study was to find out the general attitudes towards further employment beyond the age of 65 and ascertain the conditions required for this.

For this purpose, in addition to facts such as the occupational category, the size and the sector of the employer or the vocational position, we also surveyed attitudes towards the raising of the legal retirement age, the willingness to continue working, the assessment of the working atmosphere, identification with the firm, an evaluation of the working conditions as well as information about personal health conditions.

The data of the Employment after Retirement Survey can be accessed at GESIS (Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften) under the study number 5457.

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