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Marriages in Germany

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Dr. Evelyn Grünheid

Phone: +49 611 75 2727
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Content and Objective

The observation of nuptiality in Germany aims to describe a characteristic of family development in detail. This includes both the course of the survey over time and a study of the remaining differences between Western and Eastern Germany, more detailed regional analyses, covering the age patterns, the trends in partner selection as regards vocational training and the age difference, and civil status-specific marriage conduct. The analyses of the data from the official statistics (marriage statistics, Microcensus) are supplemented by targeted evaluations of a variety of surveys (Gender and Generations Survey, pairfam), aiming to obtain findings which the official statistics do not have (socio-economic characteristics, living arrangements), and to obtain explanations for special situations.


Grünheid, Evelyn (2011): Wandel des Heiratsverhaltens in Deutschland. Analysen mit Tafelberechnungen. BiB Working Paper 2/2011. Wiesbaden: Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung

Grünheid, Evelyn (2011): Wandel und Kontinuität in der Partnerwahl in Deutschland. Analysen zur Homogamie von Paaren. BiB Working Paper 1/2011. Wiesbaden: Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung

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