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Learning to See with a Child’s Eyes

New Perspectives for Family Policy

Content and Objective

Expanding the quantity and quality of early childhood caregiving is necessary not only due to family-policy reasons such as reducing the dilemma of reconciling family and working life for parents. Early childhood care and education are also of central importance with regard to early childhood development and preventing educational inequalities in later life. This topic is an intersection in family and educational policy objectives. Different “care regimes” can be defined in Europe based on the question of whether primary care or educational aspects should be foremost in the design of early childhood care.

We intend to first investigate how the different care regimes in Europe evolved in an historic and international comparison. We will do so by examining how the concrete care infrastructures and the respective underlying cultural principles for the functions of this infrastructure influenced one another’s changes. Two dimensions determine our theoretical approach: we aim to reveal which care regimes pursue a more family-centred and which a more child-centred approach and what functional character with regard to education or socialization is decisive for the different systems.

Then, we will correlate these trends with compliance and acceptance values with regard to childcare using data from the European Values Study (EVS), the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) and the Population Policy Acceptance Study (PPAS). In this way, we hope to shed light on how the countries systematically differ in their acceptance values.


Stedtfeld, Susanne; Lux, Linda (2013): Mit Kinderaugen sehen lernen. Neue Perspektiven für die Familienpolitk. In: Familienpolitik neu denken – faire Bildungschancen für alle Kinder schaffen. Tagungsband zur interdisziplinären Nachwuchswissenschaftlertagung der Bertelsmann Stiftung. Gütersloh: 98-119 [verfügbar als PDF / 2,59 MB]

Stedtfeld, Susanne; Lux, Linda (2013): „Nur die Mama kann's!?“ Kinderbetreuung im Ländervergleich. In: Bevölkerungsforschung Aktuell 34,4: 8-17

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