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The Impact of Demographic Change on the Key Fields of Activity of the German Federal Administration

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Content and Objective

The predictable shrinking and ageing processes in the population and their consequences for the ability of the Federal Administration to act have been the subject of relatively little academic discussion. The impact is revealed in a variety of dimensions, such as with regard to the relationship between citizens and the Federal Administration, to the age and qualification structure of staff, to knowledge and motivation problems among the staff and to the financial resources available to the Federal Administration. This project focuses on the dimensions constituted by staff and knowledge in the public administration, since this is where the direct impact can be expected to occur. The goal is to portray the challenges for the State as an employer and the options that are open to a personnel policy that is sensitive to demographic issues in order to be able to react appropriately to the impact of demographic change, and to do so in good time. Initial strategic recommendations for action can be derived using age structure analyses and trend extrapolations of the personnel and the observation of the future potential in terms of persons who are in gainful employment.


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