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Research Group: Demographic Change

The research group observes long-term demographic trends in Germany, Europe and the world with a focus on regional and comparative perspectives.

In order to assess present and future demographic challenges, we must be aware of long-term trends in population growth and be knowledgeable of their varying regional characteristics such as regional mortality. To be capable of adequately evaluating the consequences of the demographic transition in Germany, it is necessary to look at the regional and structural developments in a comparative European and global context.

The global context is particularly relevant for the Federal Institute for Population Research for policy consulting purposes because one of its missions is to support the Federal government in international cooperation concerning population issues, in particular at the United Nations.

In its work, the research group focuses on varying cross-sectional topics: ageing, fertility, mortality, migration, family and mobility. These demographic topics are embedded in interdisciplinary examinations of the consequences of the demographic transition for selected areas. The results are published both for the entire research field in the BiB Working Paper series and in thematically varying brochures as part of public relations activities.

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