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Research Group: Leitbild Research

The research group examines cultural conceptions of a family, referred to as ‘Leitbilder’, and their implications to family life. ‘Leitbilder’ are motifs for normal or ideal family life. These notions are typically perceived to be natural, they are not questioned, and yet they shape family life substantially.

The research group therefore examines cultural factors for decisions with regard to fertility and family. The concept of family-related leitbilder is considered expedient for this.

The empirical bases are the nationwide representative BiB longitudinal study Family-Related Leitbilder in Germany (wave 1: 2012; wave 2: 2016) as well as the supplemental accompanying studies, which are both qualitative (Family in Pictures) and include international surveys in France and Hungary. Various questions are focused on. For one, we aim to examine what family-related leitbilder there are and what they actually look like. In addition, we want to clarify what influence they have on types of families, family development and in particular on starting and continuing families. In addition to leitbilder in Germany, leitbilder in other countries like France and Hungary are also studied to obtain an international comparison. The knowledge gained will contribute to better understanding fertility trends and the shaping of family life from which approaches can be derived for family policies.

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