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Christiane Hintermann (2001)

The Austrians and Their Foreign Population – Two Surveys Concerning Attitudes and Opinions of the Austrian Population in Respect of International Migration, Foreign Population and Migration and Integration Policy in Austria*

In: Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft, Vol. 26, 3-4/2001, p. 387-397, Opladen: Verlag Leske + Budrich, ISSN: 0340-2398

This article presents two studies on the attitudes and opinions of the Austrian population in respect of international migration, foreign population and migration and integration policy carried out by the Institute for Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Austria during the 1990s. The first study carried out by Werner Holzer and Rainer Münz was published in 1994. It was part of the international research project "Population and Welfare: A Comparative Survey on the Acceptance of Population Related Policies in Europe (PPA)". The second study by Gustav Lebhart and Rainer Münz was published in 1999 based on a survey carried out in 1998.

The studies deal with the following topics:

  • Knowledge about size and nationality of the foreign population and knowledge about the laws that regulate the immigration and the life of the foreign population in Austria.
  • Attitudes towards the limitation of migration to Austria.
  • Attitudes towards specific groups of migrants according to their ethnic or national origin.
  • Pros and cons of immigration.
  • Attitudes towards the social, cultural and political integration of migrants.
  • Personal contacts and experience with migrants.
  • Opinion on migration and integration policy in Austria.

Each of these topics is dealt with separately in the article below. Examples are given in respect of each question contained in the questionnaire, accompanied by a brief summary of some of the results yielded.

* Original title: Die Österreicher und ihre ausländische Bevölkerung – Zwei Erhebungen über die Einstellungen und Meinungen der österreichischen Bevölkerung zur internationalen Migration, zur ausländischen Bevölkerung und zur Migrations- und Integrationspolitik in Österreich (full text in German only)

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