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Annika Forsander (2001)

Immigrants Entering the Finnish Labour Market – Who is Winning, Who is Losing?*

In: Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft, Vol. 26, 3-4/2001, p. 413-431, Opladen: Verlag Leske + Budrich, ISSN: 0340-2398

This article presents a study on the development of immigrants' labour market position in the nineties. The following questions are discussed: What kinds of immigrant groups are there on the Finnish labour market? How are the different groups performing? Can ethnic segmentation be found on the Finnish labour market?

The research design on which the study was based, as well as the characteristics of the immigrants studied (nationality, motivations to immigrate, educational backgrounds) are described. Immigrants' position inside and outside the Finnish labour market system (immigrants' labour force participation, employment among the various nationality groups) and the segmentation of the labour market (occupational/gender segmentation, income distribution, social income transfers) are analysed.

* Original title: Migranten auf dem finnischen Arbeitsmarkt – Wer sind die Gewinner, wer die Verlierer? (full text in German only)

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