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Stress Caused by Commuting: Driving Annoys the City Dwellers, while Public Transportation Stresses in the Countryside

How much stress commuters undergo on their way to work every day depends to a large extent on the means of transport and the place of residence. According to a study by the Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), there are initially hardly any differences between people commuting by car and those using public transport. However, the experience of stress depends strongly on the settlement structure ... More


Chart of the Month

25 Oct 2017

In Germany One in Four Belongs to the Protestant Church

Approximately 22 million people in Germany belong to the Protestant Church (27%). This makes the Protestant Church about as large as the Catholic Church with slightly more than 23 million members (28%). > More

Das Bild zeigt ein Kleinkind im Laub sitzend.

25 Sep 2017

Available Housing Has an Impact on Birth Rates

There are considerable regional differences on the district level regarding the final number of children per woman in Germany. This is the result of a new study of the BiB. > More

Chart of the Month

06 Sep 2017

Parliamentary Elections 2017: One in Two Eligible Voters is Older than 52 Years

In the forthcoming German parliamentary elections the eligible voters will be older as ever before. According to calculations of the BiB, the median age of the electorate living in Germany has, for the first time, gone beyond the age of 52 years. > More

Dr. Nikola Sander, Forschungsdirektorin „Migration und Mobilität“ am Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung seit 1. September 2017

01 Sep 2017

Nikola Sander Has Been Appointed as New Research Director at the BiB

On September 1, 2017, Dr. Nikola Sander took over the coordination of the Institute’s research activities in the area of migration and mobility. The BiB is pleased to welcome Nikola, who is an experienced migration and population researcher, as a new member of the board of directors. More: Nikola Sander Has Been Appointed as New Research Director at the BiB …

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