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On the Subject of Abortions

The data on abortions are based on federal statistics on abortions, which are counted in doctors' surgeries and hospitals on a quarterly basis. As per 1 January 1996, the Pregnant Women and Family Assistance Amendment Act (Schwangeren- und Familienhilfeänderungsgesetz) rearranged the right to abortion nationwide. For this reason, the values shown until 1995 are not comparable with the time series from 1996 onwards, and the base year in the figures is chosen as 1996.

The following characteristics are collected: age and civil status of the woman, number of live births and number of minor children living in the household, legal requirements of the abortion (according to the diagnosis or counselling arrangement), duration of the pregnancy, nature of the operation and anaesthetic, as well as complications observed, place of the operation (hospital or surgery), duration of the hospital stay if carried out on an in-patient basis, Federal Land in which the operation was carried out and Federal Land in which the pregnant woman lives (cf. on this Federal Statistical Office, Fachserie 12 Reihe 3, Qualitätsmerkmale).

Only the demographically-relevant results such as the age and civil status of the woman, as well as the number of previous live births, were selected for the figures on the BiB website. In each case, only the place of residence of the woman, and not the place in which the operation took place, was taken as a reference for the regional sub-divisions.

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