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EPC 2016 Closing Ceremony

Date 06 Sep 2016

The 13th European Population Conference 2016, which was organised by the BiB, ended on Saturday afternoon with a formal closing ceremony which was attended by 900 researchers and academics at the University of Mainz. The President of the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS), Prof. Dr. Francesco Billari, rounded off by thanking the international and local organisers of the EPC, and expressed his enthusiasm at how successful the Conference had been: “The EPC is a conference which is developing wonderfully. I hope you have enjoyed your time in Mainz”, he said. He simultaneously announced the date of the next Conference, which is to take place in 2018. The Director of the BiB, Prof. Dr. Norbert F. Schneider, expressed his gratitude for the considerable praise that had been received: “It was a great experience and a major honour to be able to organise such a significant conference”, he stressed. Several awards for excellent pieces of research were handed over as the closing ceremony progressed.

Awards Granted for Excellence in Research

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz (Director of the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital) was handed the “EAPS Award for Population Studies 2016” by Dr. Charlotte Höhn (Honorary President of EAPS). She used her laudation to justify the award by stating that Prof. Lutz had done pioneering work in population research whilst also remaining a “global citizen”. Prof. Lutz expressed his thanks for the prize and called on his research colleagues not to be too timid in and with their discipline.

The photo shows Brienna Perelli-Harris at her speech of thanks. Brienna Perelli-HarrisBrienna Perelli-Harris expressed her thanks for the "Dirk J. van de Kaa Award for Social Demography 2016". Source: BiB

The “Dirk J. van de Kaa Award for Social Demography” was won by Dr. Brienna Perelli-Harris for her research work on couples and (non-marital) births in Europe. The jury in 2016 was made up of Prof. Dr. Arnstein Aassve (Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University), Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Thomson (University of Washington) and Prof. Dr. Clara Mulder (University of Groningen). In his laudation, Aassve said of the winner: “She is charming, usually has a smile on her face and is always friendly and supportive. People listen when she speaks, and when she organises, people follow her.”

The jury consisting of Dr. Annette Baudisch (University of Rostock), Prof. Dr. Nico Keilmann (University of Oslo) and Francesco Billari gave the “Traiblazer Award for Demographic Analysis 2016” to Assist. Professor Emilio Zagheni (University of Washington), who primarily works on migration flows and also includes the social media in his research. Zagheni congratulated the EPC: “I attended my first EPC ten years ago in Liverpool. You get good ideas in the corridors, after the sessions and whilst talking to people.”

The photo shows Ezgi Berktaş at the award ceremony. Ezgi BerktaşEzgi Berktaş won the prize for her research on women’s equal rights. Source: BiB

The “Gunther Beyer Award 2016” was won by Ezgi Berktaş from Turkey, after the jury consisting of Prof. Dr. Graziella Caselli (University of Rome) and François Héran (Head of Research at INED) had decided in her favour. Ms Berktaş won the prize for her research on women’s equal rights. She briefly expressed her thanks and stressed the importance of the prize for her and for the continuation of her research work.

Poster Award 2016

The EAPS Poster Award 2016 was given to Laura Szabó, Baláczs Kapitány and Adél Rohr from the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute. In their poster entitled “U-shape link between education and childlessness in Hungary – a new Central European phenomenon”, they addressed the link between the level of education and childlessness in Hungary.

Next EPC 2018 in Brussels

The photo shows Zsolt Spéder, he expressed his thanks to the representatives of the organizing comittee  Norbert F. Schneider and Christian Fiedler. Organizing ComitteeZsolt Spéder expressed his thanks to the representatives of the organizing comittee: Norbert F. Schneider and Christian Fiedler. Source: BiB

This year’s conference organised by the BiB stood under the banner of “Demographic Change and Policy Implications”. A total of roughly 900 attendees came to the approximately 500 lectures and 250 poster sessions to discuss the current state of demographic and family sociological research. The extremely diverse range of topics from research work went from aspects of developments in births in Europe, through recent investigations of the causes of migration movements, to methodical questions regarding mortality research.

The next European Population Conference will be held from 6 to 9 June 2018 at the Free University of Brussels. Detailed background reports on the EPC 2016 will be appearing in the next edition of “Bevölkerungsforschung Aktuell” – the Population Research Bulletin of the BiB.

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