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Elisabeth Kraus

Veröffentlichungsliste / List of Publications

Begutachtete Aufsätze in Fachzeitschriften / Peer-Reviewed Articles in Scientific Journals

González-Ferrer, A., T. Castro-Martín, E. K. Kraus & T. Eremenko (2017): Childbearing patterns among immigrant women and their daughters in Spain: Over-adaptation or structural constraints? In: Demographic Research 37,19: 599-634 [abstract]

Kraus, E. & T. Castro-Martín (2017): Does Migrant Background Matter for Adolescents’ Fertility Preferences? The Latin American 1.5 Generation in Spain. In: European Journal of Population. (online first) [PDF]

González-Ferrer, A., P. Baizán, C. Beauchemin, E. Kraus, B. Schoumaker & R. Black (2014): Distance, Transnational Arrangements and Return Decisions of Senegalese, Ghanaian and Congolese Migrants. In: International Migration Review 48,4: 939-971
DOI: 10.1111/imre.12148 [PDF]

Beiträge in Zeitschriften / Journal Articles

González-Ferrer, A., E. Kraus, M. Fernández, H. Cebolla, Y. Soysal & Y. Aratani (2015): Adolescents' life plans in the city of Madrid. Are immigrant origins of any importance? In: Metamorfosis - Revista del Centro Reina Sofía sobre Adolescencia y Juventud 2: 25-49. [PDF]

Forschungsberichte, Materialien, Dokumentationen / Reports, Working Papers and Documentations

Kulu, H., T. Hannemann, A. Pailhé, K. Neels, L. Rahnu, A. Puur, S. Krapf, A. González-Ferrer, T. Castro-Martín, E. Kraus, L. Bernardi, A. Guarin, G. Andersson & L. Persson (2015): A comparative study on fertility among the descendants of immigrants in Europe. Families And Societies Working Paper Series 40. [PDF]

González-Ferrer, A., T. Castro-Martín & E. Kraus (2015): Country-specific case studies on fertility among the descendants of immigrants. Childbearing among women of immigrant and non-immigrant origin in Spain. Families And Societies Working Papers 39. [PDF]

Black, R., A. González-Ferrer, E. Kraus, O. Obucina & P. Quartey (2013): Determinants of Migration between Ghana and Europe. MAFE Working Paper 24. [PDF]

González-Ferrer, A., E. Kraus, P. Baizán, C. Beauchemin, R. Black & B. Schoumaker (forthcoming): Factors of Migration between Africa and Europe: Assessing the Role of Resources, Networks and Context. A Comparative Approach. MAFE Working Paper 22. [PDF]

González-Ferrer, A. & E. Kraus (2012): Migrantes senegaleses en Francia, Italia y España: primeros resultados de la encuesta MAFE-Senegal en Europa. Real Instituto Elcano, Documentos de Trabajo ARI. No. 8/2012. [PDF]

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